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Why volunteer?

CM reception.jpgMany people from our local community give up their time to volunteer with us in a variety of roles within the trust. As a volunteer you could be spending time chatting with patients on the wards, carrying out rehabilitation activities, gardening, fundraising, event planning, helping at mealtimes or being that first port of call for all patients and visitors coming on site. You might be volunteering with patients or maybe carrying out administrative and ‘behind the scenes’ roles if you prefer.

We are able to offer a range of roles supporting our patients and staff, depending on your particular interests and aspirations.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and contribute a wealth of skills and experience. They include people looking for something positive to do in their retirement, those who are working but want to do something worthwhile in their spare time, those who want to meet new people and be part of a team and those wanting to give something back to the community.

For some, volunteering can be a route to employment or further education, or a chance to gain work experience, which may inspire a career change.

Do volunteers need specific qualifications?
No. If you are 16 or over, we’d love to hear from you. All we ask is that you are caring, responsible and enthusiastic.

What support is offered to volunteers?
Ongoing training and support is offered in relation to your volunteering role and involvement.

How much time are volunteers requested to give?

We ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of two hours each week.  Roles can be undertaken at different times of the day including evenings and weekends should you prefer.  Many volunteers choose to offer their time beyond the minimum two hour commitment.

If you are thinking about volunteering with our trust and would like to know more about the roles available across the community, please click here to see our available roles or perhaps our Role of the Month may be of interest to you?

Annual "Thank you!" event for our Volunteers
Lynn McGill has been the Trust's chairman since November 2010 and also serves as the Volunteer Champion.

Lynn is very much involved in our volunteer programme and regularly hosts coffee mornings to say thank you to our fantastic volunteers.  Our coffee mornings give our volunteers an opportunity to meet our Volunteer Champion and other members of the board and a chance to network with fellow volunteer colleagues.

We also hold an annual “Thank You!” afternoon tea for our volunteers which is an opportunity for the board to say a huge thank you for the commitment our volunteers give us.  The photograph below is from one such recent event.

Lynn McGill thank you event.JPG
Lynn McGill, Trust Chairman and Volunteer Champion, thanking volunteers at our annual "Thank you" event in November 2019

Our volunteers make a unique and valuable contribution to patients, carers, visitors and staff at East Cheshire NHS Trust for which we are truly grateful.

Lynn regularly receives great comments regarding the positive impact our volunteers have made to our patients of which a few can be found below.

"A sincere and caring smile at times of anxiety; it speaks volumes"
"Practical help when you’re preoccupied with an impending appointment"
"Visible and helpful at every turn"
"When time drags, they’re close at hand with kind words, a conversation and a smile ( a dog , a reading book/newspaper);  it shows you really care"
"Makes dinner much more manageable and with company, a pleasant affair"
"The whole visit went much more smoothly than I thought it would; people came up to us to help and were so kind"
"I was really pleased to know that someone was looking out for my relative, in addition to the clinical staff"
"When they told me how to connect to the internet, it made a huge difference to my stay, thank you"
"Pure gold, that’s what our volunteers mean to our staff and patients."